Finland Flicks

RoopeTonteri_BarnRamp_Blotto_5849 RoopeTonteri_FloatingRamp_Blotto_6741 Skateboarder_Taavetie_Blotto_5660

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Finland Check In


Finland mission with Roope Tonteri was all time! Here’s a quick pic skating the wood trail next to mini ramp number one, frontside 180 over the foliage with a clean landing then point it down to the lake for a dip. Finnish style! Blotto

Rodeo Magazine Cover

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.05.22

Rodeo Magazine out of Finland recently published this Enni Rukajarvi image we captured on Mt. Hood two summers ago, under the watchful eye of a ‘sundog‘ high in the Oregon sky. We were cracking turns through the High Cascade Snowboard Camp ‘Lap Park‘ and had planned on shooting portraits near the end of the course atop this big lava boulder, but low and behold as we pulled up and shuffled the cameras around, the starts aligned and enhanced our photo opportunity with a massive circle within the clouds, total luck and complete stoke! Thanks Enni, thanks cloud master, thanks Rodeo for placing this image on Page nO. 1.

Speaking of Finland, I’m headed out there on Tuesday to meet up with another long time friend and snowboarding buddy Roope Tonteri to complete a skateboarding image we dreamt up while traveling this past season. The ‘Honey Badger‘ (as most of his peers call him) has been busy with the lumber, hammer and blueprints getting the location ready, should be a great time! You can follow Roope and I in the next few days on our Instagram accounts @roopetonteri @deanblottogray and we’ll leak some goodies. Thanks for following! Blotto

Frendly Gathering X TheGoodLife!


Head on over to the TheGoodLife! and read the summary and photo captions HERE covering the 2016 Frendly Gathering in Southern Vermont. Craig’s clever words and captions should get you frothing for the 2017 festivities, whether you attended this year or have plans to make it out next summer.

Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis put a whole lot of time and effort into this festival and you see and hear it once the masses arrive to enjoy the entertainment, these guys deserve a big applause, along with their team of workers, volunteers and of course Tim Waker, who graciously hosts the FG on his property four years running. BIG UP crew! Thank You!

Below are a few images from the weekend, with plenty more to go around that Craig Wetherby captured. Enjoy and get your plans set for FG2017 . Blotto

WoodStage_Frendly2016_Blotto_09317 Twiddle_Frendly2016_Blotto_09328 ChildGuitar_Frendly2016_Blotto_09293 Arrival_Frendly2016_Blotto_09270 Antendees_Frendly2016_Blotto_09305

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

My Camping Gear


Over the past couple of years camping has become a big chunk of the spring, summer and fall activity game, thanks largely in part to Burton introducing the Durable Goods line, which includes tents, hammocks, chair, table options and a whole lot more! Lets face it, camping is a dang good time, whether it’s deep in the wilderness or at your local state park, doesn’t really matter, sleeping under the stars can’t be beat!

Setting up camp is my personal favorite once on site, surveying the land, erecting the Nightcap Tent or Stone Hut, then moving on to the kitchen area, chill zones, hammock spots and so on. While we don’t actually have physical badges to apply to our camping hats, we refer to each task as ‘earning a badge,‘ a good motivator in digging the fire pit, leveling the chill zone for TheGoodLife! domino table, foraging for fire wood or exploring the hiking trail system…you get the picture, and it’s bragging rights as we gather around for dinner and drinks.

As far as the Big Agnes X Burton tents go, they are LEGIT, no joke. Smart design to enhance any journey, you can literally set them up with your eyes closed (or in the dark if needed), 100% rain proof and they look dope. For all of my other accessories, which I prefer to bring a lot of, it’s countless items to make our missions that much more fun, no matter if it’s a solo mish or a mad group of friends ready to get their nature on. In future blog posts I’ll break down a few of our techniques and supplies we’ve been collecting and honing in over the past couple of summers, that may well help you out on your next adventure. Blotto

Nightcap_Vermont_Blotto_8911 HIkingTrail_KettlePond2016_Blotto_8846

StoneHut_Stillwater2016_Blotto_08809 HikingTrail_Vermont_Blotto_09033 KettlePond_Groton2016_Blotto_8818


Dominoes_Vermont_Blotto_5347 Leaves_KettlePond2016_Blotto_8841 MichaelFarnum_Vermont_Blotto_9711 Sunset_Vermont_Blotto_09136 StoneHut_Vermont_Blotto_09140JeffHanson_Vermont_Blotto_08997HoneyBakedHammock_FamishStripe_Blotto_09125All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Happy 4th!


Happy Independence Day America! The good crew at High Cascade Snowboard Camp had the crew jumping with flag in hand, making for some awesome snowboarding photos above the Palmer Snowfield and distant mountains. Thanks to the entire crew out in Hood who hosted out photo shoot over the past week and everybody involved who rode, managed, organized and participated, what a great seven days. Cheers! Blotto


All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Oregon Snow and Crete


Great days shredding up on Palmer Snowfield with the Burton Team and a handful of friends and comrades, followed by adventures to Hood River to check out the concrete architecture in the form of skateparks. I’m constantly blown away by the level of riding on hill and the skateboarding on the crete, standing sideways truly is something special, so hyped to be a part of it!

While I’ve been shooting still photos, we’ve had motion cameras running non-stop collecting footage of Sy, Max, Takeru, Slayjac, Luke and Dru for a short edit that releasing July 15th. I’ll drop in a blog post and link once it becomes available so you can witness what we’ve been up to the past week. Stay tuned! Blotto





All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Mount Hooding


Out in Oregon working with the Burton Snowboards Am Team, shredding at the High Cascade facilities on Palmer Snowfield and skateboarding at the Windells compound down in Brightwood. Talk about an amazing dual sport experience, these two locations are all time! What’s even better is it’s open to any and all who wish to spend a ten day period at these camps with premier coaching programs, training facilities and well kept features on and off snow. Hit up the High Cascade WEBSITE for more information, it’s worth a peek. Blotto

TakeruOtsuka_HighCascade_Blotto_3808 SilasMoran_HighCascade_Blotto_0400 MaxZebe_MountHood2016_Blotto_09612 Jesse_Windells2016_Blotto_0108 FrankieChapin_Windells2016_Blotto_2162 Chairlift_MountHood2016_Blotto_09637

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Chefs Skate Plaza Mish


Headed south to Chefs Skate Plaza over the weekend with camping and skateboarding at the activity forefront on this beautiful piece of property smack dab in the middle of the Green Mountains. A big crew of friends and associates gathered together in the name of urethane on concrete, aluminum trucks on marble, hot dogs on the grill and overnight tenting equipment on grass, pretty much the ultimate skate camping mission!

Our host Chef premiered a bunch of new obstacles for the squad to try their hand at including the log slider, vert wall and pole jam, all a big hit within various lines and sessions. The plaza was in as good as shape as ever, which made it difficult to leave once Sunday evening rolled around. Somehow we finally managed to pull ourselves from the skating, packed up the kits, and then hit the river for a dip and final high fives celebrating an epic weekend mission. Blotto








All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016


Camping Vermont


Having some great days camping and exploring the many public parks and state lands of Vermont the last few days as I’m collecting images of the Burton Durable Goods line. We’ve found great zones to set up the tents and the hammocks, while busting out on small watercraft to try our hand with the fly fishing game! We may not have caught and released too many fish, but know the grill and Jet Boil have been put to good use serving up a feast in between fishing, hiking and chilling.

You can visit the Burton website or one of many Burton stores around the world and check out the very same Durable Goods I’m using and photographing during these missions. Burton teamed up with Big Agnes to bring you smart and well thought out gear that makes sense, I highly recommend a peak through the collection, it’s really really nice.

Grab the family and friends, pick a spot, organize the gear and get going people! It’s too good out there…Camp On! Blotto

Sunset_Vermont_Blotto_08981 Reflection_Vermont_Blotto_09109 Reflection_Vermont_Blotto_09105 Nightcap_Vermont_Blotto_09144 MichaelFarnum_Vermont_Blotto_9704 JeffHanson_Vermont_Blotto_08996 HoneyBakedHammock_FamishStripe_Blotto_09125

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016