Mount Hooding


Out in Oregon working with the Burton Snowboards Am Team, shredding at the High Cascade facilities on Palmer Snowfield and skateboarding at the Windells compound down in Brightwood. Talk about an amazing dual sport experience, these two locations are all time! What’s even better is it’s open to any and all who wish to spend a ten day period at these camps with premier coaching programs, training facilities and well kept features on and off snow. Hit up the High Cascade WEBSITE for more information, it’s worth a peek. Blotto

TakeruOtsuka_HighCascade_Blotto_3808 SilasMoran_HighCascade_Blotto_0400 MaxZebe_MountHood2016_Blotto_09612 Jesse_Windells2016_Blotto_0108 FrankieChapin_Windells2016_Blotto_2162 Chairlift_MountHood2016_Blotto_09637

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Chefs Skate Plaza Mish


Headed south to Chefs Skate Plaza over the weekend with camping and skateboarding at the activity forefront on this beautiful piece of property smack dab in the middle of the Green Mountains. A big crew of friends and associates gathered together in the name of urethane on concrete, aluminum trucks on marble, hot dogs on the grill and overnight tenting equipment on grass, pretty much the ultimate skate camping mission!

Our host Chef premiered a bunch of new obstacles for the squad to try their hand at including the log slider, vert wall and pole jam, all a big hit within various lines and sessions. The plaza was in as good as shape as ever, which made it difficult to leave once Sunday evening rolled around. Somehow we finally managed to pull ourselves from the skating, packed up the kits, and then hit the river for a dip and final high fives celebrating an epic weekend mission. Blotto








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Camping Vermont


Having some great days camping and exploring the many public parks and state lands of Vermont the last few days as I’m collecting images of the Burton Durable Goods line. We’ve found great zones to set up the tents and the hammocks, while busting out on small watercraft to try our hand with the fly fishing game! We may not have caught and released too many fish, but know the grill and Jet Boil have been put to good use serving up a feast in between fishing, hiking and chilling.

You can visit the Burton website or one of many Burton stores around the world and check out the very same Durable Goods I’m using and photographing during these missions. Burton teamed up with Big Agnes to bring you smart and well thought out gear that makes sense, I highly recommend a peak through the collection, it’s really really nice.

Grab the family and friends, pick a spot, organize the gear and get going people! It’s too good out there…Camp On! Blotto

Sunset_Vermont_Blotto_08981 Reflection_Vermont_Blotto_09109 Reflection_Vermont_Blotto_09105 Nightcap_Vermont_Blotto_09144 MichaelFarnum_Vermont_Blotto_9704 JeffHanson_Vermont_Blotto_08996 HoneyBakedHammock_FamishStripe_Blotto_09125

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A_Dog Skatepark Unveiling


What a great day it was on Saturday, June 4th as the City of Burlington unveiled the name of the waterfront skate park as a packed house was treated to the sign unveiling, amazing skateboarding and legendary skater Tony Hawk, representing the Tony Hawk Foundation, showed up to say some words and have a lengthy skate session with the locals.

Maven Vermont and the A_Dog Foundation have worked tirelessly alongside the City of Burlington in creating the skate park, naming it after our beloved brother Andy Williams, bringing it all forward in the name of creativity and a positive place for the kids.

A HUGE thanks to the City of Burlington, Parks and Rec Department, The A_Dog Foundation, Tony Hawk and his foundation, Mayor Miro, volunteers, contributors, artists and skateboarders. Thank you Thank you Thank you, Blotto


TonyHawk_Burlington2016_Blotto_1148 TonyHawk_Burlington2016_Blotto_1052 TonyHawk_Burlington2016_Blotto_0992 Miro_Burlington2016_Blotto_1119 BsNoseBlunt_Burlington2016_Blotto_0947

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DJ A_Dog Skatepark




TonyHawk_Burlington2016_Blotto_1003  TonyHawk_Burlington2016_Blotto_1081

RichardBowen_Burlington2016_Blotto_1078 All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Friends for A-Dog Benefit Dinner

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 08.55.54

Donate $25.00 USD HERE and we look forward to seeing you at Red Square that evening after the Burlington Skatepark grand opening ceremony. Blotto

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Forest Mode


What are you getting into this Memorial Day Weekend? The options are unlimited, go! Forest mode, city cycling, beach bumming, family, do this! Blotto

Summer Pedals

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The New York family headed up to Vermont this past weekend to help us welcome in the summer vibes as the Northeast is making its move into the warmer months and longer days, a perfect scenario for checking out the zone via bicycle. We fit in two solid days of pedaling the south side of Burlington, followed by a couple of dips into the North End, utilizing every misty lookout point, cut thru and trail we could get the tires on to. BIG UP to the #BKtoVT squad for making the journey, we owe you one, city streets style. Blotto

New Zealand Snowboarder

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 15.32.49

For many many years Phil Erickson has been holding down the Kiwi snowboarding scene with ‘New Zealand Snowboarder,’, as he’s seen it all, printed it thereafter, while inspiring locals and young kids, made them heroes and given visiting enthusiasts and professional riders a guide to the land.

In this day of reduced print pubs where some have gone for good and others have turned strictly digital, Phil is still holding it down and making the magazine happen on both fronts, dedicated in exposing the epicness that is the people and places of New Zealand. In issue sixty-two, his editors and photographers dive into splitboard camping, street riding in Austria and checking out Mt. Cheeseman, which included a bit of surfing and night curling…who knew?! But heh, this is the Kiwi way of seeking out the best of any local or worldly location!

The picture above is Kiwi rider Carlos Garcia Knight competing at the US Open in Vail, Colorado, while Terje throws down at the Treble Cone Banked Slalom (Wanaka, NZ), a couple of the flicks included in Issue 62. If you have interest in visiting and riding NZ, or just want to know more about the place, check it out HERE. Stay hyped y’all. Blotto

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 15.34.55

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Stad Surfing


Tucked away in the beautiful bay called Hoddevik, lies the Stad Surf Camp, a lodge and surf shop where you can lay your head at night, take a dip in the natural springs hot tub, schedule an outdoor pizza oven party, go hiking and of course hop up on as many waves as possible on the break that’s literally a stone’s throw away.

Hoddevik is a small farming valley in the Stad Region, part of the infamous Norwegian fjords that run up and down the western coast, this particular spot just happens to have nice surf break most of the year. Not only are you treated to the some of the most beautiful terrain in the world as your tour through Stad, you can hop in the water at any point during your travel thanks to the surf camp quiver of surf boards, stand up paddle boards and wet suits.

Our crew has been here for ten days on this particular mission, surfing every morning, snowboarding at Harpefossen in the afternoon (90 minutes away), then heading back to Hoddevik for hiking, barbeque and pizza parties. Can you really fit all of these activities into one day? You certainly will during the springtime thanks to the daylight hours running five a.m. to eleven p.m.!

Hit up Stad Surfing HERE, get the information, put it on the bucket list and get stoked! The crew who own, operate and upgrade the camp can make anything happen, just ask away, they’ll be hyped to make it happen. Blotto







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