Forest Mode


What are you getting into this Memorial Day Weekend? The options are unlimited, go! Forest mode, city cycling, beach bumming, family, do this! Blotto

Summer Pedals

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The New York family headed up to Vermont this past weekend to help us welcome in the summer vibes as the Northeast is making its move into the warmer months and longer days, a perfect scenario for checking out the zone via bicycle. We fit in two solid days of pedaling the south side of Burlington, followed by a couple of dips into the North End, utilizing every misty lookout point, cut thru and trail we could get the tires on to. BIG UP to the #BKtoVT squad for making the journey, we owe you one, city streets style. Blotto

New Zealand Snowboarder

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For many many years Phil Erickson has been holding down the Kiwi snowboarding scene with ‘New Zealand Snowboarder,’, as he’s seen it all, printed it thereafter, while inspiring locals and young kids, made them heroes and given visiting enthusiasts and professional riders a guide to the land.

In this day of reduced print pubs where some have gone for good and others have turned strictly digital, Phil is still holding it down and making the magazine happen on both fronts, dedicated in exposing the epicness that is the people and places of New Zealand. In issue sixty-two, his editors and photographers dive into splitboard camping, street riding in Austria and checking out Mt. Cheeseman, which included a bit of surfing and night curling…who knew?! But heh, this is the Kiwi way of seeking out the best of any local or worldly location!

The picture above is Kiwi rider Carlos Garcia Knight competing at the US Open in Vail, Colorado, while Terje throws down at the Treble Cone Banked Slalom (Wanaka, NZ), a couple of the flicks included in Issue 62. If you have interest in visiting and riding NZ, or just want to know more about the place, check it out HERE. Stay hyped y’all. Blotto

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Stad Surfing


Tucked away in the beautiful bay called Hoddevik, lies the Stad Surf Camp, a lodge and surf shop where you can lay your head at night, take a dip in the natural springs hot tub, schedule an outdoor pizza oven party, go hiking and of course hop up on as many waves as possible on the break that’s literally a stone’s throw away.

Hoddevik is a small farming valley in the Stad Region, part of the infamous Norwegian fjords that run up and down the western coast, this particular spot just happens to have nice surf break most of the year. Not only are you treated to the some of the most beautiful terrain in the world as your tour through Stad, you can hop in the water at any point during your travel thanks to the surf camp quiver of surf boards, stand up paddle boards and wet suits.

Our crew has been here for ten days on this particular mission, surfing every morning, snowboarding at Harpefossen in the afternoon (90 minutes away), then heading back to Hoddevik for hiking, barbeque and pizza parties. Can you really fit all of these activities into one day? You certainly will during the springtime thanks to the daylight hours running five a.m. to eleven p.m.!

Hit up Stad Surfing HERE, get the information, put it on the bucket list and get stoked! The crew who own, operate and upgrade the camp can make anything happen, just ask away, they’ll be hyped to make it happen. Blotto







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West Coasting Norway


Our crew has been staying out in Hoddevik at the Stad Surf Camp, in between snowboarding sessions up at Harpefossen Resort near Nordfjordied; talk about two really beautiful locations to get your board sport on!

Former Burton pro team rider Mads Jonsson has been an incredible host on our mission to film snowboarding and catch some waves in Norway, as he’s provided us with private use of the Harpefossen slopes with custom built features and a surf house sitting next to a great surf break. As you could imagine, the crew has been all smiles as they’ve been able to surf then snowboard, go on some incredible hiking missions, followed by Johnny the Chef’s insane meals prepared with all local ingredients.

I’ll post a separate blog about the Stad Surf Camp and our film session with Method Magazine’s ‘Legend Sessions,‘ stay tuned. For now here’s a few flicks from the various views while snowboarding, driving and hiking…Blotto

Nightscape_Norway_Blotto_9015 Nightscape_Norway_Blotto_8946 LakeHouse_Norway_Blotto_9133 KyleSchwartz_Harpefossen_Blotto_9969 DSC08611 DSC08597

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Bang Slalom on TWS


Full gallery on Transworld Snowboarding website, give it a go HERE. Enjoy! Blotto

Bs_1_TWS Bs_3_TWS

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Bang Slalom


The Bang Slalom wrapped up on Saturday evening after an amazing day of racing for the one hundred and twenty competitors that signed up; we’re talking kids, men, women, masters, professionals and snowskaters, all riding and competing together and showing the true spirit of snowboarding, which translates to good times. Huge thanks to Mikkel Bang, Terje, Henning and the rest of the volunteers for dedicating their time, along with underwriting by Nixon, Burton, Hemsedal and all the other sponsors, thank you! Click HERE for some more pics and results, etc, etc. Blotto

StartGate_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_6402 Practice_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_6416 MikkelBang_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_7110 Juniors_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_6422 HelenOlafsen_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_6627 GroupLife_BangSlalom2016_Blotto_08026

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Into Norway

E16_Norway_Blotto_5708Two week mission over to Norway for the Bang Slalom and a jump building session out on the west coast, a couple of really fun projects happening under the Norwegian spring time atmosphere (even though it’s cold and snowing right now). The spring season in Scandinavia offers unreal light, perfect temps, good corn snow and a solid stoke level from all in attendance, hyped to get it going! Stay tuned, Blotto

Mountains_Hemsedal_Blotto_5641 Kyrkbønosr_Hemsedal_Blotto_5599 Highway5_Noway_Blotto_5790

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Burton Blog – Pacific Coast Highway

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New Burton Blog post is up, click HERE, check it out if you’re interested in some incredible Highway 1 scenics and hiking zones, north and south of San Francisco. Cheers! Blotto

GroupHike_EwoldsonTrail_Blotto_03407 OceanView_JuliaPfeifferBurns_Blotto_03483 TrailBridge_VanDamme_Blotto_00953

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Kickin it at Peace Park


Day one and two of Peace Park went off under a multitude of weather conditions, ranging from partly cloudy to flat light to golden hour to ripping sunlight, all things Wyoming in April. Take that with an epic crew of riders, cinematographers, organizers and managers, you then have yourself a dang good event popping off on the slopes of Grand Targhee. We have another two days of on slope action to go, and with this current low pressure dropping a lot of powder right now, we may get some quality turns in today before a final sunlit afternoon in the park on Friday. Stay tuned…Blotto

For a snipet of the 2015 Peace Park edit, click HERE.

SebbeDebuck_PeacePark2016_Blotto_07653 RiderWelcome_PeacePark2016_Blotto_7698 JeffBrushie_PeacePark2016_Blotto_07717 GroupTransport_PeacePark2016_Blotto_07659 GroupShred_PeacePark2016_Blotto_07681 GroupShred_PeacePark2016_Blotto_1983 DannyDavis_PeacePark2016_Blotto_07651 DannyDavis_PeacePark2016_Blotto_3286

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