Gucci Ghost Documentary

The Gucci Ghost story is a fascinating tale of Trevor Andrew’s journey that began in Nova Scotia, Canada as a young tike, which lead to the discovery of skateboarding, onto a marvelous globe trotting shred career through his teens to mid-twenties followed by a successful music endeavor, all while raising a family and eventually calling New York home. My latest mission to Trouble’s home base was centered around an upcoming GG documentary with director Seb Zanella, which details how all of this played into Trevor’s spectacular product of imagination and creativity, while continually spanning the realms of skateboarding, music and art.

Tucked deep in the city across the bridge from Manhattan lies an art studio with no windows or clocks, a space reminiscent of a Las Vegas casino in the fact you can stay in there for hours, not knowing time of day or whether it’s raining or sunny outside. Commonly referred by Trevor as ‘the trap,’ this space serves as a fitting locale for music production, creation of original art, hang outs, meet ups and anything else visiting family and friends would like to partake in. It’s a positive environment meant to serve those who stop by a few hours or a few weeks.

Seb and Trevor spent the better part of four days mapping out the course of the movie while interviewing individuals involved in all aspects of Trevor’s life, with plenty of painting in between the sit-downs. We also enjoyed some really fun skateboarding missions around the neighborhood searching for found materials, hitting up the art store for supplies and of course enjoying the plentiful food options this area offers.

The documentary is off to a great start with many months of filming to go, not to mention rifling through years of footage that Trevor has collected from the entire posse. You could imagine there’s plenty to witness and drop into the time line! Stay tuned, Blotto

The accompanying images were captured using a medium format Hasselblad camera, shot to Fuji 100 Polaroid film. After capture I took digital images of the Polaroid prints, short cutting the scanning process for time’s sake.

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

Sunday Bike Mish

On Saturday I took the drive down from Vermont into Brooklyn to link up with TheGoodLife! crew and take part in their Sunday pedal tour around the various boroughs of New York City. These are the bike missions you live for, as it’s an incredible way to see the vast amount of NYC neighborhoods, streets and shorelines while sitting in the saddle alongside good people.

Teaming up with the Bridge Runners for this mission, we had a solid posse in effect with a loose plan of a thirty-mile ride that starting in Williamsburg, with the end goal of hanging in Rockaway and getting back into Brooklyn by nightfall.

Gathering up at Broadway and Kent, we rolled out along the water to the Bush Terminal Ferry zone, taking the first group photo of the day with the Manhattan skyline in the background after this opening push. Back in the saddle we continued along the Shore Parkway, stopping for our next group image under the Verrazano Bridge, taking a minute to psych up for the serious headwind in effect while thinking about the upcoming food appointment at L & B Spumoni Gardens. Our Sicilian square pizza and Italian ice cream treats were absolutely delicious and devoured quick like, before setting off to Coney Island to take in the sights and sounds of this legendary east coast theme park. Five hours in and the sun slowly setting, we decided to scrap the Rockaway portion of the plan and instead point it down McDonald Ave into Prospect Park, ending our tour under the beautiful Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch.

Our comrades went their separate while Craig Wetherby and I headed into Bed Stuy to grab a few games of dominoes with Cole Barash and Trouble Andrew, snap some portraits and catch up, topping off a perfectly fine day.

TheGoodLife! X Bridge Runners rides are a combination of great humans, an approximate route in mind while going with the flow and letting the vibe direct us around the sprawling metropolis, all in the name of smiling for miles. Thanks for following and reading my friends! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

Krink ReUp

Stopped by my local art supply store today to grab a few Krink K60 Paint Markers in assorted colors I was running low on or didn’t have in the ever growing stash. The K60 is a squeezable 2-ounce bottle with a broad-round 12mm tip, a really fun marker to spread the acrylic love with! If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite artist manages the ‘drip‘ look in their pieces, it’s all about the squeezable bottle, mystery solved folks!

Per usual I do my best to only shop local for any of my everyday needs, habits and work related equipment and having Vermont Art Supply in Burlington certainly makes that possible. Hit up John Bates via the tele 802.860.4972 or, he knows everything there is to know about professional art supplies. If he doesn’t have the knowledge or you know of a product you absolutely swear by, he’d love to hear what you know and how he can make his selections that much better with your input and needs.

If you can shop local for all things life please do. Thanks for reading friends! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

US Highway 302

Took a quick road trip from Burlington, Vermont to Conway, New Hampshire yesterday via US-302, which runs along the south side of Mt. Washington. This region is absolutely beautiful, big mountains, lots of terrain, it somewhat reminded me of the many tours I’ve done through western Norway with the big stone faces protruding from the mountainsides.

Driving along the Crawford Notch Road you’re treated to various mountain peaks while skirting along the Saco River, including a very accessible waterfall called Silver Cascade, plus various camping sites and roadside attractions. My mission was a same-day ‘there and back‘ to the city of Conway so I stopped as many times as possible to take in the views, snap an image or two and carry on. Once in Conway I whipped out the pedal bike to have a look around town and enjoy the scenery.

Conway is a nice little town (approx 8,800 population) sitting alongside the Saco River, boasting some quality local goods, great eats and for you train buffs out there, a gorgeous collection of railway gems! I pedaled around for an hour or so in between my errands, grabbed an ice coffee from The Met, chilled out near the river off White Mountain Highway, chatted it up with some locals then got on the road back to Burlington. The driving mission was three-hours each way, one hundred forty miles of Northeastern goodness. Not a bad day. Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

The Ship and The Whale

We might not be coffee experts here at Blotto Photto but our team is certified in the process of brewing and drinking coffee, you can count on that my friends! How many of you love that cup of joe in the morning? What percentage of people head to bed the evening before excited to wake up to heat the water, grind the beans and pour it over? You catch my drift!

If any of the above situations pertain to your lifestyle, habit or needs, then you might as well hit up the folks at The Ship and The Whale next time you’re searching out a new roast.

The fine folks over at The Ship and The Whale sent us a bag of Guatemala recently, roasted at a level they list as ‘city,’ or what I would confidently refer to as ‘medium.’ The crew has flown through this bag of beans in pour over fashion, first at the Vermont offices followed by a trip out west to Lake Tahoe. Gotta say, the beans were nice, taste was perfect, affect was just what a day of editing calls for and preparing for a day in the springtime backcountry.

Catch our new friends HERE on their Instgram page to stay updated…I included an image in this post with all information from the Guatemala variety, happy brewing! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

Rolling Around

Cruising the streets of Burlington, Vermont with the local skateboarding youth as they search for spots, skate some of them, pass up on others, give each other a hard time for not landing tricks and so on…you know the deal, what are friends for anyway! Good times with Quade, LJ, Elton, the Glenney bros, my photographer brothers Ian and Peter. I’m happy to share these quality days being creative, energetic and positive with the kids, more to come, Blotto

All images ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

Stowe and Go

Stowe Mountain sits in close proximity to the bustling community of Burlington (Vermont) and is widely regarded as a fine establishment for accessing mountainous terrain year round. The lift system operates November through April, serving many acres of trails, tree runs and backcountry access, open to any and all who wish to participate.

Before the lifts began turning this season I happened to be in the Green Mountain State while the winter’s first snow was hammering the mountains, so the motivated crew at Burton Snowboards invited me on their annual preseason hike, which turned out to be an epic adventure filled with powder snow! Fast forward five months upon a return to Vermont, I just missed hopping on the chairlifts by a week so I saw it fitting to close out my East Coast season by getting in another hike up Stowe, this time around I would be guided by mega locals Tomas Ruprecht and Nathanael Asaro. We gathered our supplies and headed up on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a shovel, stoke and snowboards in hand, hoping to make the best of what Mother Nature would offer us.

Greeted by grey skies and variable snow conditions we headed up the hill on foot, eyes peeled in all directions looking for anything we could get our bases on and use our well-worn edges for control. Sure enough ten minutes in there was an off camber side hill run within the trees sitting just past the snow making pipes, so we dropped the packs and moved over to the drop-in spot. It was good times schralping the dirty sun-cupped left overs, some taking the route under the low hanging branches while others tapped centuries old rock croppings.

While hiking back out of this semi-extreme zone Nathanael happened upon a discarded telemark ski, so we carted it out, found an appropriate spot mid-slope and positioned it as a pole-jam. After a bunch of maneuvers at our temporary terrain park, we packed it up and continued upwards, keeping our eyelids wide open for the next mini-shred locale sure to please the snowboarding soul.

A few minutes later we passed three spots worthy of the shovel, so we took cover under the forest canopy to enjoy some nutrients, let the rain pass and discuss our build options. Settling on a rock formation, we dropped the Burton backpacks, whipped out the Skullcandy speaker, assembled the shovels and fortified the spot with take-off and landing. Air Option One enabled the rider to go long over the entire situation, while Air Option Two required the rider to assume an in-air nosedive position to use the downward sloping rock as a landing. Both options worked out multiple times for our band of snow brothers, resulting in a parade of hoots and hollers echoing from the drop-in zone to the run-out area.

This was a solid day start to finish while wrapping up my East Coast season that numbered two days total, both on foot to access these special slopes. BIG UP to the Vermont crews, y’all are amazing and big praise for keeping the snowboarding spirit alive and well in this region! Blotto

Equipment used for the making of this adventure and blog post: Burton Taft 24L backpack, Burton Imperial boots, Anon M3 goggles, Fimbulvetr Rangr snowshoes, Skullcandy Barricade speaker, Evol food supplies. The photo treatment applied to these images is indicative of the atmosphere, mood, temperature and vibe on this day in particular.

All Images by Dean Blotto Gray / ©blottophotto2017

Burton Girls Splitboarding Mission

Head over to Burton Girls (click HERE) to see my splitboarding adventure with Possum Torr last week in Mammoth Lakes, California. This region has seen over six hundred inches of snowfall over the course of the 2017 winter, so we set out to take advantage of beautiful spring conditions over at the Tele Bowls on the Sherwin Range.

The mission was certainly enhanced with the inclusion of Possum’s lively husky dog named Ryder, along with a couple of friends and their husky pups. It was a darn good time witnessing the canines ascend and descend the mountain with ease, they have endless energy and that was passed right along to us.

Have a read, enjoy the images and check out the product we were using for the day trip. Thanks for following! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017

Vids Drawings Stories

I’ve taken quite a liking to the new Instagram story function where after video and photo capture you can add your own personal touch with a deluxe pallet of brush tools, colors and effects, then deliver immediately to your followers. In accordance with my photo capturing responsibilities at the 2017 US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vail, I was filling in the blanks via ‘stories’ with some BTS moments, posting to my Instagram, followed by a collection of clips over at Flipagram (click HERE to see the round-up).

Great times hustling still images with the insane amount of action happening and the giant shot list myself and the talented squad of photographers, filmers and managers at Burton were handling each and every day. Can’t thank the Events Crew, PR, Content, the Riders, Fans, the Spectators and everyone else for putting on and supporting another EPIC US Open event, it was fantastic! If you haven’t attended, you should think about making plans for the 2018 version, it won’t disappoint. Click HERE to see the collection of imagery, video and results from last week’s show. Blotto

All images, video and art work ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017