2017 Blotto X Burton Family Tree

As summer kicks in and we shed those winter layers for shorts and t-shirts, I wanted to look back and thank all of those involved with the making the 2017 Blotto X Burton Family Tree a complete success.

First and foremost thanks to all of you who went out and purchased one of the nine available models ranging from splitboards to snow surfers to powder slashers. Secondly the talented minds at Burton for creating this collaboration including all those who developed these ground breaking shapes. Last but not least our main man Marin Horikawa for taking my images from location to camera to layout to production.

This line was a total treat to be involved with, watching hundreds of images narrow down to a collection gracing the bottom sheet of each and every model. It made me smile every time the boards were hash tagged, mentioned or featured on your social media pages and websites, and I hope you were smiling ear to ear making those fine powder turns down the mountain popping in and out of the white room.

Is there a Blotto collaboration for the 2018 Family Tree line? You bet there is! Burton and I teamed up once again with Marin to create the next evolution in this collection, along with a couple new shapes being introduced sure to please. Stay tuned! Thanks again, Blotto

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All images on snowboards by Blotto | Graphic Design and Layout by Burton