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For the past couple of years the crew at Craig’s Prototype Facility in Burlington, Vermont have pressed up a few hundred handmade boards going under the Backyard Project name. These decks have been incredibly popular as a classic Burton board brought back with modern technology while retaining the original shape and graphic.

This season it’s the Jeff Brushie Pro Model, the very first shape made popular through his snowboarding talent and cult status (back then and still to this day), many of you will remember this board, it’s definitely a classic.

It goes without saying the squad at Craig’s Prototype Facility are the best snowboard builders on the planet, they’ve built tens of thousands of boards, this is what they love to do and they do it well. I caught up with them for these pictures, as they were half way through the process, in the stages of cutting off excess materials and buffing the edges. After this the boards run through the top sheet lacquer stage before a final inspection and packaging.

You can purchase one of these decks through Burton flagship and retail stores along with select local shops. The Brushie Backyard Project board is one of two for this season; I’ll get some information on the Skeleton Key for y’all in the coming days. Blotto






All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016