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Just when you thought the team at Craig’s was limited to one Backyard Project board for the season, guess again! The talented folks at Burton like to give you options on these limited edition handmade beauties, and with that I’m here to tell you about the Skeleton Key.

I first saw Ben Ferguson ripping this deck out on the slopes in Colorado, so I inquired what was happening below his bindings and he said “…blotto, this thing rips, it’s called the Skeleton Key, another JG (and crew) experiment that’s amazing…” Shortly thereafter I talked to my main man Frankie Chapin, who’s got the skinny on the entire Burton product line and he agreed with Ben Ferg’s comment, adding that the board’s increased waist width allows for a rider with a slightly bigger boot to come down a board length, good news! For example, I’m an 11.5 boot size, so I can get away with riding the 154 Skeleton Key, a smaller board with equal performance standards of a bigger deck. That’s what the Burton engineers and testers have mastered, getting you on a smaller board with no loss of performance, gotta love it.

The Skeleton Key falls under the 2017 Family Tree line, featuring my image from Breckenridge, Colorado, which also makes up the base graphic on the 2017 Gate Keeper (I’ll post a separate story about that at a later date). For more information on this limited edition board, hit up the Burton website and if possible, get into a Burton Flagship Store and get this puppy in your hands. Thanks for reading, Blotto

Featured Craig’s Prototype Facility Technicians Liam O’neil and Sam Watson

Featured snowboarder in this blog post is Burton Team Rider Brock Crouch







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