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Check out the Women’s Pipe Glove at for the latest Blotto X Burton photo collaboration, search ‘blotto‘ or ‘womens pipe glove‘ and¬† you’ll be directed to the product page. While you’re visiting BURTON be sure to check out the new ‘Drab Crinkle’ print on my favorite camera bag ever, the Fstop. Search ‘camera bag’ or click this LINK to see a complete line up of packs, along with the new camera strap offering. Enjoy! Blotto

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 BurtonFstopPack_Tahoe2014_Blotto_3399 BurtonFstopBag_TokyoTower_Blotto_9036BurtonFstopBag_MyokoJapan_Blotto_4156BurtonFstopBag_Tokyo2014_Blotto_1431All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2015