Go Camping

The first camping mission of the 2017 season is completed, taking place out a local spot in the Champlain Islands (Vermont), featuring perfect weather and good vibes. The initial step into camping mode after taking the winter off from tent life is a bit of scramble, given you haven’t dug into the kit for a few months, maybe you acquired some new items that need tinkering with and the ‘ol “…shoot, forgot to bring that!

Not to panic people, a quick over-nighter will help all of us dial in the tent, the food and beverage, the board games and whatever else you find as a camping comfort while spending the night under the stars. I know I left the house without some critical items on this initial camping trip, but any good soul knows that camping is truly a ‘constant state of modification‘ so you’ll always work it out, and you have your pals to lean on as well to get the job done.

A few tips for camping in Vermont is bring a bicycle as many of the state parks have miles and miles of pedaling pavement in and around the park on top of the endless hiking opportunities (bring a flat kit!). Take a look at the Vermont State Parks website HERE for a well-organized peak into every camping location including exact descriptions of each site along with a photo of said location. Their website is super easy to navigate after a couple minutes learning your way around, you can also reserve and pay for your adventure at that time. Another great item to pack in or tow behind the car is a boat. There are boat launches at every park, in addition to many of the camp sites having their own waterfront accessibility, increase your fun factor that much more!

I’m over and out for now, off to the next mission, will update asap…Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017