Go Skate Day June 21

What a magnificent afternoon enjoying Go Skateboarding Day at the Andy A-Dog Williams Skatepark in Burlington, Vermont with a healthy dose of the East’s best humans! Skateboarders from all around the region converged on this newly built park to celebrate a great day for skateboarding while raising awareness of the A-Dog Foundation’s continued drive in pushing the art, music and skateboard culture, and campaigning for the critical need of bone marrow donorship.

Trina and Brendan from Maven Skateboard Shop were on hand to wrangle in the skaters for a three-feature best trick contest while Big Dog, KermiTT and Crusty Cuts kept the crowd moving with a solid selection of beats on the 1’s and 2’s.

These are the days of seeing the community come together that put a smile on your face knowing the youth is in good hands through skateboarding and positive mentorship. Enjoy the flicks, Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto 2017