Gucci Ghost Documentary

The Gucci Ghost story is a fascinating tale of Trevor Andrew’s journey that began in Nova Scotia, Canada as a young tike, which lead to the discovery of skateboarding, onto a marvelous globe trotting shred career through his teens to mid-twenties followed by a successful music endeavor, all while raising a family and eventually calling New York home. My latest mission to Trouble’s home base was centered around an upcoming GG documentary with director Seb Zanella, which details how all of this played into Trevor’s spectacular product of imagination and creativity, while continually spanning the realms of skateboarding, music and art.

Tucked deep in the city across the bridge from Manhattan lies an art studio with no windows or clocks, a space reminiscent of a Las Vegas casino in the fact you can stay in there for hours, not knowing time of day or whether it’s raining or sunny outside. Commonly referred by Trevor as ‘the trap,’ this space serves as a fitting locale for music production, creation of original art, hang outs, meet ups and anything else visiting family and friends would like to partake in. It’s a positive environment meant to serve those who stop by a few hours or a few weeks.

Seb and Trevor spent the better part of four days mapping out the course of the movie while interviewing individuals involved in all aspects of Trevor’s life, with plenty of painting in between the sit-downs. We also enjoyed some really fun skateboarding missions around the neighborhood searching for found materials, hitting up the art store for supplies and of course enjoying the plentiful food options this area offers.

The documentary is off to a great start with many months of filming to go, not to mention rifling through years of footage that Trevor has collected from the entire posse. You could imagine there’s plenty to witness and drop into the time line! Stay tuned, Blotto

The accompanying images were captured using a medium format Hasselblad camera, shot to Fuji 100 Polaroid film. After capture I took digital images of the Polaroid prints, short cutting the scanning process for time’s sake.

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017