Jet Surf Lake Life

As the summer temperatures rise so does the stoke to get in the lake and enjoy all things water craft related, including a morning mission out in the desert to session the Jet Surf.

Bobby Hurtado invited me for one of his sunrise missions and I gladly excepted the invitation as this would be a good opportunity to whip up a coffee lakeside with the Jet Boil while taking in the sunrise, pull out the camera to snap a few photos of Bobby whipping around the shoreline and give this unique motorized board a go.

Think of the Jet Surf as a wakeboard meets surfboard meets Jet Ski; it’s quite the engineering feat as they’ve managed to fit an inboard 90cc motor into a four-inch tall space while keeping the overall mass down to a one person carry weight. The learning curve is such that you can lie on your stomach, hold onto the handles and become accustomed to the throttle pitch. After passing first base out you then graduate to standing up and prepare for your launch procedure which translates to placing your rear foot in the back binding, giving it some gas while simultaneously placing your leading foot in the front binding and away you go.

All who’ve ridden the Jet Surf absolutely love it, especially those of us who prefer standing sideways via the snowboard, skateboard, surfboard; it becomes a warm weather option for those days when you’re headed out to the lake. Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017