Krink ReUp

Stopped by my local art supply store today to grab a few Krink K60 Paint Markers in assorted colors I was running low on or didn’t have in the ever growing stash. The K60 is a squeezable 2-ounce bottle with a broad-round 12mm tip, a really fun marker to spread the acrylic love with! If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite artist manages the ‘drip‘ look in their pieces, it’s all about the squeezable bottle, mystery solved folks!

Per usual I do my best to only shop local for any of my everyday needs, habits and work related equipment and having Vermont Art Supply in Burlington certainly makes that possible. Hit up John Bates via the tele 802.860.4972 or, he knows everything there is to know about professional art supplies. If he doesn’t have the knowledge or you know of a product you absolutely swear by, he’d love to hear what you know and how he can make his selections that much better with your input and needs.

If you can shop local for all things life please do. Thanks for reading friends! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017