Lucas Oil Offroad Championship

The Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series arrived in Chandler, Arizona for the final race of the season so I met up with the JM2 Motorsports Team to take part in all things racing and title chasing. JM2 drivers Jeremy McGrath and Brock Heger were both in line for championship titles in their respective classes so vibes were high and the crew was elated on all the hard labor paying off with consistent podium results.

What it came down to was both Brock and Jeremy only had to start the race and complete one lap in order to secure titles in the UTV and Pro2 classes respectively. Not to take things lightly even with the points news, the team was one-hundred percent focused and going about their business as they have all season long. I was happy to join up with this talented squad of mechanics and witness the madness that motor sports produces on a daily basis and shoot a few photos along the way.

Friday is practice day where each team is granted three rounds of lap time with an hour break in between to dial in tires and motor according to track condition. Saturday morning brings qualifying in lieu of the afternoon race and since this was the closing contest of the year, final standings would be determined. Sunday is another set of qualifying and racing, with a slight change to the format in which no points are awarded (since the championship is wrapped up on Saturday’s results), it’s strictly a race for cash prizes.

As Saturday’s races moved from qualifying to eighteen laps of afternoon madness, both Brock and Jeremy stood atop their race trucks in celebration of seven long months of planning, preparation, ups, downs and victories in the UTV and Pro2 classes. It was something else to witness and be on the peripheral in capturing a few photos on a hot Arizona day!

As you could imagine the celebration in the pits that evening was lit, starting with a raffle of the race car body panels to raise money for breast cancer research (which is why you see the pink graphics on the vehicles in these photos), followed by team owner Jeremy McGrath presenting his entire crew with brand new mini-bikes. Antics and laughs lasted well into the wee hours of the morning with the crew still showing up bright and early to complete Sunday’s races that led into the awards ceremony Sunday evening.

Huge thanks to the entire JM2 Team for letting me tag along and chip in where I could in keeping these cars on the track and the crew hyped in making it happen! Total respect for the talent, knowledge and motivation each member brings to the table, it’s inspiring! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017