Nova Scotia Mission Part One

I just returned from a great driving mission around the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island provinces, mixing in camping, hiking, biking, skateboarding and chilling with old and new friends in the pleasant country of Canada.

Packing up the car in Burlington, Vermont and heading directly east, I soon ran into the Maine coast just below Bangor to continue up US-1, reaching day’s end destination at Cobscook State Park. The overall drive time from Burlington to Halifax is approximately thirteen hours, so I was happy to break it up and grab a quality night’s rest on the coast of Maine. Waking up to a pleasant sunrise, I busted out The Ship and The Whale coffee beans, got my grind on, poured over the hot water and enjoyed some time on the rocks while tide was out.

Packing up the Durable Goods camping gear, I began the journey east past the border, through New Brunswick, crossing into Nova Scotia over the Missaguash River. At this point in the mission, my final destination on the south coast is now within three hours reach, juggling the anticipation in seeing a new and uncharted zone for this traveling fool, while still sitting in the driver’s seat.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with perfect summer weather and open arms from the crew at The Ovens Natural Park, the perfect way to end a lengthy drive! The Chapin Family are the proud owners of The Ovens, a one hundred and ninety acre pristine reserve of coastal forest, where you’re more than welcome to set up a tent, grab a cabin or pull in your trailer and call the Atlantic Coast your spot for a few days or weeks. It’s a marvelous home away from home as you start your Nova Scotia journey of sightseeing, exploration and discovery around this part of the world.

The Ovens garners it’s name from the sea caves that line the property, an unreal collection of caves jutting under the landscape where you hike above, in and alongside, it’s really unique! The walk takes anywhere from forty minutes to an hour, depending on your photo gathering rate (hehe), but don’t sleep on a kayak tour of the caves, which can be set up at reception. I walked the Sea Cave Trail in the afternoon, but also made it a point to catch the sunrise as the caves face directly east; it was certainly a beautiful way to start the day! Moving on into the park, I set up on Tenting Site 138, which sits on the water facing west, boasting a perfect sunset and a nice compliment to the sunrise possibilities you’re presented out front.

Not only does The Ovens offer up all the comforts nature has to offer sleeping next to the ocean, you’re also treated to a daily dose of live music while dining. I can’t explain to you how enjoyable it is having dinner alongside some incredibly talented (and award winning I might add) musicians doing their thing for your pleasure, completing your day bedding down under the stars! What a place, you should certainly plan a stay when visiting Nova Scotia. Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017