Nova Scotia Mission Part Two

Finishing up on the South Coast with a shipwreck discovery in Lunenburg Bay, I made my way north to the Kejimkujik National Park to have a look around, hike a couple of their well maintained trails and scope future camping opportunities. Canada is promoting their one hundred and fifty year anniversary with complimentary entrance to all national parks so things were popping, lots of enthused patrons setting up camp, hiking, biking, loving it.

Back in the whip I made my way northeast in the direction of Prince Edward Island, the smallest of the Canadian provinces, which sits east of New Brunswick, north of Nova Scotia.

PEI commonly referred to as ‘The Garden of the Gulf’ boasts a max elevation of 152 meters (498 feet), averaging around 35 meters (114 feet) above sea level surrounded by the relatively shallow water depths in the Maritime Carboniferous Basin. How does this translate? It’s a small landmass sitting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that has a reputation of outstanding natural beauty mixed with farmland covering the rolling hills from shore to shore.

Wanting to see a good chunk of this wonderful province in two day’s time, I drove in over the Confederation Bridge, took an immediate left and began the journey up PE-14 along the coast with intermittent photo stops to walk the western red sands and take in the atmosphere of this foreign land. Arriving on the North Cape amongst the giant wind fans just in time for sunset, it was perfect timing to be on the very tippity top of PEI to enjoy the pleasantry of day’s end.

The next morning I continued around the top side of the North Cape Coastal Drive stopping into a couple of small provincial parks, then moving along into the Central Coast Drive and up to Cavendish National Park. Cavendish is a spectacular park that spans a good chunk of coast line, making for endless adventure opportunities on foot or on bicycle (the bike path system: two thumbs up!), so I chose both methods of transportation to see as much as possible in this area.

After completing a nice sweep of Cavendish, I continued onto the Points East Coastal Drive, which takes you around the eastern most third of PEI. My area of focus would be the Greenwich National Park, which boasts well-maintained bicycle paths and white sand beaches (oddly enough), an area high on the priority list. Spending time in this area chipped away at complete tour around this section of PEI, but I was OK with that, the water, the wind and the sand was just perfect!

With a ferry schedule to keep in mind, I packed up the goods and headed to the rural community of Woods Islands to drive the car up the ramp into the boat and take a float back over to Nova Scotia, and start my journey to Cape Breton. PEI was nice, straight up. Really chill residents, beautiful beaches, warm water, pedaling opportunities galore, a place I’ll visit again for sure, thank you Prince Edward Island! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017