Short Stories 4


Over time the interior of your camera bag takes on a familiar look, that of a portable storage department that keeps your gear clean, dry and ready for the day ahead, a dependable sidekick always ready for the next adventure. Once the camera and lens enter the outside world it’s subjected to any and everything you can put it through, so a bit of maintenance is required to keep your glass clear and particle free. Back in the day I would use those little disposable lens wipes and deal with these ultra thin layers of nothing to try and get the job done, ugh.

Thankfully I discovered the Delcan camera cloth, so I immediately changed up my lens cleaning protocol and never looked back. Listen, you need reliability from everything in your camera bag, your photo shoot depends on it, gear needs to function, lens glass needs to be moisture and smudge free, Declan is your permanent solution in dealing with the elements. Whether you’re the consummate professional, a striving amateur shooter or a hobbyist with the lens, peep the Declan product and see what I’m seeing. Blotto

Above image depicts the Blotto X Declan Minor Lens Cloth, 9 x 9 inches (23.3 x 23.3 cm), check the rest of the information HERE.