Skating Around the Woo

Skateboarding around Winooski on a Saturday afternoon with Quade, LJ, Danny and Ben looking for spots, filming and hanging out was a great way to start the weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect for an activity meter based around creativity on structures not intended for urethane, metal and wood below two human feet, ala skating cement curbs, angled metal and concrete.

I often catch Quade and LJ around the Burlington streets while they’re out with Danny stacking clips for various edits; these fine folks are a comedic group always down for a good time. It goes without saying their skateboarding talents are on another level, it’s a total treat to witness the trickery, while enjoying the byproduct of capturing still images of the madness.

We hit up a tall ledge to drop where Quade was locking in front 5-0 to big spin out, while LJ was in a battle with a backside tail slide. In between attempts we were greeted by many a passersby walking their dog, heading out to late lunch and long time locals sharing their tales of the early days of skateboarding around Burlington. After some makes and misses we headed into an area between a parking garage and building that offered up an interesting drop ledge arrangement, wrapped in metal, that oddly enough was still skateable. This area was ‘more of a photo spot’ than a ‘filming location’ so the boys consistently threw down tricks one after the other while I rattled off a few different angles within the tall walls.

Dusty, dirty and spent, the boys called it a day and asked if I wanted to hit up the local ramen spot, which I happily agreed to! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017