The Ship and The Whale

We might not be coffee experts here at Blotto Photto but our team is certified in the process of brewing and drinking coffee, you can count on that my friends! How many of you love that cup of joe in the morning? What percentage of people head to bed the evening before excited to wake up to heat the water, grind the beans and pour it over? You catch my drift!

If any of the above situations pertain to your lifestyle, habit or needs, then you might as well hit up the folks at The Ship and The Whale next time you’re searching out a new roast.

The fine folks over at The Ship and The Whale sent us a bag of Guatemala recently, roasted at a level they list as ‘city,’ or what I would confidently refer to as ‘medium.’ The crew has flown through this bag of beans in pour over fashion, first at the Vermont offices followed by a trip out west to Lake Tahoe. Gotta say, the beans were nice, taste was perfect, affect was just what a day of editing calls for and preparing for a day in the springtime backcountry.

Catch our new friends HERE on their Instgram page to stay updated…I included an image in this post with all information from the Guatemala variety, happy brewing! Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017