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Those Days is a new, weekly series from Snowboard Mag that gives photographers a platform to share some of the most memorable moments from their careers. Each month, we give a different photographer the platform to share photos that spur feelings of nostalgia, triumph, pain; anything with a story they want to tell. Our lifestyle’s history is vast and full of these special, fleeting moments in time. Those Days is here to bring them to you > Snowboard Mag

Tomas Ruprecht, Danny Davis and Todd Kohlman, Stowe, Vermont

This picture defines that stoke in walking out of the backcountry safe and sound. The satisfactory feeling of completed powder turns and jumps, while hooting and hollering with your crew of friends all the way down. The feeling is difficult to put into words. I will say it has something to do with exiting the mountains at the end of the day, completed adventure in hand, still reeling from the toe to heel to weightlessness feeling that only snowboarding delivers. The ear-to-ear smile is generally associated with this stoke. Seeing this expression on your comrade’s face often sums up the day to the tee, no words needed. — Dean Blotto Gray