US Highway 302

Took a quick road trip from Burlington, Vermont to Conway, New Hampshire yesterday via US-302, which runs along the south side of Mt. Washington. This region is absolutely beautiful, big mountains, lots of terrain, it somewhat reminded me of the many tours I’ve done through western Norway with the big stone faces protruding from the mountainsides.

Driving along the Crawford Notch Road you’re treated to various mountain peaks while skirting along the Saco River, including a very accessible waterfall called Silver Cascade, plus various camping sites and roadside attractions. My mission was a same-day ‘there and back‘ to the city of Conway so I stopped as many times as possible to take in the views, snap an image or two and carry on. Once in Conway I whipped out the pedal bike to have a look around town and enjoy the scenery.

Conway is a nice little town (approx 8,800 population) sitting alongside the Saco River, boasting some quality local goods, great eats and for you train buffs out there, a gorgeous collection of railway gems! I pedaled around for an hour or so in between my errands, grabbed an ice coffee from The Met, chilled out near the river off White Mountain Highway, chatted it up with some locals then got on the road back to Burlington. The driving mission was three-hours each way, one hundred forty miles of Northeastern goodness. Not a bad day. Blotto

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2017