Snowboarder Magazine Movie Resolution


Snowboarder Magazine released their latest movie titled Resolution on iTunes yesterday, featuring a solid crew of snowboarding’s gnarliest shreds, peep the teaser HERE, or for the full length movie click HERE. These photos here are from a quick ‘strike mission‘ to Haines, Alaska with Jake, Mikkel and Mikey in March of 2016, and we got it pretty darn good! Enjoy the teaser and movie that’s chalked full of your favorite riders and their best maneuvers from the 2016 winter. Blotto

mikkelbang_hainesalaska_blotto_8343 mikkelbang_hainesalaska_blotto_8299 mikkelbang_hainesalaska_blotto_7840 mikeyrencz_hainesalaska_blotto_7961 jakeblauvelt_hainesalaska_blotto_7817

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Swowboarder Japan Cover


Back in January and February last winter I made a couple of missions to Mammoth Mountain (California) to meet up with Danny Davis, Scott Blum and Kyle Schwartz in an effort to grab clips for the Snowboarder movie Resolution. We hunkered down in town, made our daily missions to the mountain, shredded evenings over at Blum’s backyard, sessioned the hot springs a few times and even caught the Superbowl on a Sunday afternoon…quite the activity list mid winter!

Huge THANKS to NaNa at Snowboarder Japan, Peter and TJ at Mammoth, Danny/Scott/Kyle for ripping laps and clips and Marge for putting up with our Superbowl enthusiasm on a Sunday! Blotto







All photos by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Freerun Snowboard Magazine Cover


The season’s first snowboard magazine issues are dropping on newsstands and internet connections near you, and I’m very happy to see Taku Hiraoka on the cover of Freerun, an image from the first hit in the X Games Superpipe. I’ve been taking pictures of Taku for a few years now and I have to say it’s like ‘shooting fish in a barrel,’ meaning the dude rips and he’s always down to take extra time to get photos, even in the contest environment! Big up to Taku, Amy Lupo at ESPN, Taro and Freerun crew, Burton Team Managers Jimmy, Frankie, Driscoll and of course Snow Park Technologies for the epic Superpipe build once again. Blotto



All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Burton FW17 Launch NYC


TheGoodLife! and Burton Snowboards put on one heck of a Fall Winter 2017 Product Launch in Brooklyn, New York last week, featuring the smooth and creative sounds of Chances With Wolves and a surprise performance by Slick Rick. The event took place at newly opened Dobbin Street in Williamsburg, a perfect location housing 1,000 guests atop the roof and spacious interior. Click HERE for the Burton Blog read and enjoy all the new gear coming out this month and next, it’s epic! Blotto

slickrick_burtonlaunch17_blotto_7671 rooftopcrowd_burtonlaunch17_blotto_7484 horderves_burtonlaunch17_blotto_7457 dannydavis_burtonlaunch17_blotto_7420 chanceswolves_burtonlaunch17_blotto_7507


All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Looking for the NYC Burton Store


The afternoon before the FW17 Launch Party with Burton I made my way from Brooklyn to Manhattan as a prepromotion to the November opening of the new Burton Store. Tavia, Skylar, Caitlin, Steph and I took a little walk, starting rooftop in Williamsburg for great views of the city, found our way to the L Train, hopped off at Union Station, grabbed the 6 Train, then continued on a sweet afternoon stroll, eventually landing at 69 Greene Street, super easy moving around NYC via the trains!

The new Burton store will open their doors in November and I quote the Burton Blog here saying “The store will be unique, well-designed, and frankly, an awesome place to explore.” Sounds good to me! You should definitely stop in while living or visiting New York City. If you’re not in New York don’t sweat it, click this LINK for the entire list of Burton locations to grab the goods. Visit the Burton Girls Blog HERE for more info on our afternoon adventure. Blotto






All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Snowboard Mag: Those Days 003


Is it the clunk of the Hasselblad V System camera, the hand wound shutter, the look down viewfinder, or the size of medium format film? It could be all of this and more that created one of the greatest camera systems ever. I waited years before acquiring my first Hasselblad, can’t say exactly why, but it was a short time before digital took over the snowboarding world.

Being late to the party, I made the most of it. The few hundred rolls I managed to shoot and process were nothing but pure joy as they arrived back from various labs; it’s like Christmas when you open the envelope to see what lies within.

This particular image was from a 48-hour trip to Mount Hood with Jussi Oksanen to get in as many runs, jumps, and jibs as possible in a short amount of time, including an evening up on the snowfield jumping over that famous snowcat. Recently, as I look back and reminisce on my film days, digging in the crates has motivated me to pick up another Hasselblad, the classic 501, and run a few rolls through here and there when time allows. I have no regrets in waiting so long to pick up that first 501, nor do I regret parting ways with this equipment after going completely digital. Photography has never been about what’s in your hands when taking a photo, but rather the simple act of taking pictures of something you love. Which, in my case, happens to be snowboarding. Blotto

Editor’s Note: This was the snowcat used in the film, The Shining. Visit Snowboardmag HERE

Snowboard Mag: Those Days 002


You know those ‘bail sections’ in your favorite shred flick? The shots of a rider overshooting the landing, coming up short on a gap, pinging a rail, or catching a downhill edge? Or one of the worst: decking on the pipe then falling into the flat bottom. Bails are the agony of defeat, an evil shadow to the thrill of victory that shines so bright on a stomped landing. Getting served up due to a miscalculation of speed, trajectory or rotation is part of it, especially when you’re at a new spot, with a new trick; it’s a part of the game.

Good snowboarders will always have their fair share of first tries and minimal takes, with “the battle” looming on any given day. Often testing the mental toughness, and physical durability of a rider; to continue until the clip is earned. This image of Zak Hale is the sum of all these parts; high speed, tech trick, lots of stairs, plenty of metal, high consequence, and the ability to not give up. It was a session where vocal reassurance from all involved played a big role in the continued motivation to regroup, walk back up the stairs, and say “ready.” At day’s end, Zak rode away with one of his best clips ever, knowing good and well that paying to play was there. He walked away a victor, well on his way to another completed video part. — Dean Blotto Gray

Article from, click HERE to view their website and much more snowboarding action, editorial and product. Blotto

Kilroy is Here


Back in July I accompanied the Burton squad out to Mount Hood to create a video centered around the Kilroy crew, a fun and funny cast of young shreds down to skate, snowboard, laugh and talk a bit of trash, it was dang good times! In conjunction with Snowboarder Magazine, the Kilroy edit is out and ready for your viewing pleasure, click HERE to peep Sy, Takeru, Zajac, Dru, Max and Luke’s movements around the glacier, skateparks and mountain roads. Enjoy!

In addition to posting the video, Snowboarder interviewed the guys and presented a photo gallery covering the action, check it HERE. Blotto











All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Burton FW17 Catalog Cover


Burton’s newest catalog is fresh off the press as a lead into their Fall 2016 – Winter 2017 collections, some mighty impressive hard goods, soft goods and camping equipment all ready for you to check out at Burton.

The cover image is Mikkel Bang riding during a stormy day in British Columbia, Canada, an afternoon of waiting out the clouds (which never departed) in hopes of reaching the upper alpine zone. We sat for hours keeping ourselves occupied with flat light shred laps, shot some riding photos, built a fire or two, had a slingshot for target practice, ate some food and enjoyed a few bevvies, all things filming in BC, gotta love it! Now that day ends up on the cover of the new Burton catalog, I’ll use that for crew motivation at a later date…hehe. Blotto

Visit for information on product, events, team riders and much much more, including an option to set up an account, which will keep you alerted to all things Burton.

Declan Camera Cloths


Hit up Declan for the ‘Blotto Artist Collaboration‘ camera cloths, supplies are running low, get yours before disappear into the hands of photographers and artists worldwide! Available individually or as a combo pack, which includes both sizes (Minor measures 9 x 9 inches / 23.3 x 23.3 cm) (Major spec’d at 14.5 x 14.5 inches / 36.8 x 36.8 cm). Enjoy! Blotto

major_blottodeclan_blotto_1059 combo_blottodeclan_blotto_1014

All images by Blotto @deanblottogray/blottophotto2016