Snowboard Mag Exposure Contest


The squad over at Snowboard Magazine are throwing an on-line photo contest open to the public until December 10th, with some cash prizes to boot. There are four categories going by the names of ‘action / lifestyle / scenic / abstract,‘ one-hundred percent open to your interpretation of what these mean to you.

Click this LINK to register and enter your photos, plus you can VOTE for some of your favorites as well. Have fun browsing the categories, cheers! Blottoscreen-shot-2016-12-03-at-12-07-37


All images are screenshots from used for the purpose of promoting the Exposure Contest. Get hyped, enter your photos and vote for your favorites!

Gucci Ghost Mexico


The Mexico City mission has been a blast with Trevor, Will, Hope, Greg and the rest of the Gucci crew as we skate, paint, explore and record in various area of this megatropolis. This is the final stop on the Gucci Ghost launch campaign so we’re making the most of it by seeing and doing as much as a twenty-four hour day will allow. I’ll post up some more images in the coming days, thanks for checking in! Blotto








All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Burton Blog / SoHo Store Opening


New blog post up on covering the SoHo Burton Flagship Store opening in New York City couple weeks ago. Give it read and soak up the information about an epic launch party put on by TheGoodLife! and be sure to put 69 Greene Street on your ‘to-do list‘ next time you’re strolling, skating or biking through Manhattan. Holler! Blotto




All images in this blog post by Blotto ©deanblottogray > JP Guilbert kicked in some photos you’ll see on the Burton SoHo Store Blog post, thanks JP!

Top 25/er


The crew over at Feedspot awarded with a Top 25 Snowboard Blog Award, recognizing the website for content, imagery and effort I put in to keep my followers, friends and industry updated with the latest. BIG THANKS to the squad at Feedspot for their consideration and kindness including Blotto Photto amongst some great sites. Blotto


Black Eye Smart Phone Lenses


I dropped in on some smart phone lenses recently to give my camera/video documentation a bit more variety while cruising the streets and slopes. My buddy recommended the Black Eye brand so I hit them up and ordered the Full Frame Fisheye, Wide Angle (packaged with the 20x macro), Standard Fisheye and Tele.

Nice clean packaging containing the lens of choice, lens cover and cloth bag, ready to go by simply centering the Black Eye over the lens on your smartphone (I’m using an iPhone) and it’s a go! I also found that you can flip the Black Eye around over your Facetime camera to give you some variety while you have the live feed going with friends, family and colleagues, pretty cool right!?!

As with most of my camera gear I do some sort of modification so the accessories better serve my needs and shooting style, marking the outside of the clip with code letters so I know which lens is which while they’re placed in my denim pocket (see images below), and you’ll know which lens is mounted on your iPhone with these same markings: W = Wide, RF = Fisheye, F = Full Frame Fisheye.

Each lens offers an entirely different field of view, giving you variety, creativity and stoke in taking pictures and video no matter the activity. A crowd favorite is the Fisheye, giving you that round-framed composition (see final image), the Wide Angle is just that (see photo below) while the Full Frame Fisheye offers a little less bend than the Fisheye (see photos below). You’ll get different effects and results depending on shooting mode (photo, video, etc), it’s up to you to experiment and see what works best.

Hit up for more information, and they ship worldwide! Blotto








Wide Angle


Full Frame Fisheye



All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Peace Park TV, Part Two


After two days riding all morning all afternoon around the Peace Park facilities, the body (and sometimes the mind) can use a break to rest up and prepare for the final three days of a five-day shoot. Day three is reserved for this purpose, but Mother Nature usually has plans of her own and deposits a fair bit of snow, forcing the riders to ‘rest up’ with face shots and bottomless turns on a private lift! Sounds rough doesn’t it?

For the second consecutive year day three turned out to be one heck of a powder day, producing hoots and hollers that could be heard across the valley! This year’s powder filled Peace Park day would be a bit different than the norm since Burton gifted all of the riders with a Throwback Board, meaning it was all about bindingless shred for an entire afternoon.

I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden a snurfer style snowboard in powder, but it’s really really fun, more fun than one could imagine (until you try it). That was the case for this band of professional snowboarders, many of which had never experienced the no-board situation, but they took to it within a few vertical feet and were soon lapping the media crew clad with bindings and camera gear.

These guys were smashing the slopes, going so fast it was borderline scary, but staying in complete control and throwing up blower pow turns one after the other, impressive to say the least. On occasion the dismount was that of ragdoll, starfish or your standard slam, producing laughter on the riders’ part and those around him, too funny. The Throwback Board craze worked itself into the terrain park scene for the rest of the shoot, making for hilarious lunch sessions, Mikkel topping the lip of the 22-foot (7m) quarterpipe and so on.

Enjoy the photos, tune into the Peace Park broadcast or catch it on iTunes if you can, cheers people! Blotto


benferguson_peacepark2016_blotto_4073 dannydavis_peacepark2016_blotto_2731

mattladley_peacepark2016_blotto_3735 dannydavis_peacepark2016_blotto_2791

mikkelbang_peacepark2016_blotto_3747 grouplife_peacepark2016_blotto_3905

nilsmindnich_peacepark2016_blotto_2661 groupshred_peacepark2016_blotto_3893 groupshred_peacepark2016_blotto_4021 groupshred_peacepark2016_blotto_4099 mattladley_peacepark2016_blotto_4061 mikkelbang_peacepark2016_blotto_2946

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Peace Park TV, Part One


The 22-minute Peace Park TV show on World of X Games on ABC airs this Sunday November 27th, 2016 (check local listings for exact time) is sure to entertain and inform while being a fun watch as Danny Davis and his band of worldly snowboarders and legendary terrain park shapers create another masterpiece on the Grand Targhee slopes. What’s different for 2016 you ask? Well, a brand new course design, some fresh faces along with the lifers, a new twist on the powder day festivities and a couple of other surprises come show time.

Danny, Sue, Gunny, Bruno, Knox and Mike Entire worked tirelessly getting the course dialed, built and tested while lining up the sponsorship, lodging, rider invites, media teams and securing the Sacajewa area of Grand Targhee as our own private playground (lift accessed) to ride, laugh, film and produce.

All went according to plan as much as a plan can work on the mountain, as humans can’t control the weather, we could only check the radar and hope for the best! So yea, Mother Nature played a part as it always does, this time choosing to lessen the snowfield quality by not freezing overnight, which makes grooming and riding the surface very difficult (overnight non-freezing snow stays in a ‘mush’ type of state come morning, it’s quite sticky and the snowboards leave big ruts, creating an unstable riding surface when multiple boards pass over it again and again). But heh, these are snowboarders and they’ll make it happen no matter what!

So check it out and be inspired and entertained! If you can’t catch the TV broadcast, the 44-minute long form film is available for download on iTunes Tuesday November 29th. I’ll post some more Peace Park images tomorrow, so for now enjoy these random moments in between the action, Blotto


cousemaintenance_peacepark2016_blotto_3045 dannydavis_peacepark2016_blotto_07690 dannydavis_peacepark2016_blotto_7736 grouplife_peacepark2016_blotto_2802 groupshot_peacepark2016_blotto_8265 gunny_peacepark2016_blotto_4551  jeffbrushie_peacepark2016_blotto_07802 sebbedebuck_peacepark2016_blotto_07653

All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016

Cameras of Peace Park


While shooting at Grand Targhee for the 2016 Peace Park movie, Transworld Snowboarding Photographer Nick Hamilton documented each and every lens man’s kit and asked him a few questions about it, which he posted HERE.

For the Peace Park festivities I was using two (different) DSLR units and three lenses, while utilizing a Micro 4:3 (with 14mm wide angle) when the moment called for it. This collection was an appropriate kit for covering a terrain park based shoot, meaning the bag was overstuffed and overweight but I had minimal ascending to do by foot and a quick snowboard lap back to the bottom, so I could safely transport the goods wherever needed. In contrast, when entertaining the backcountry by foot, splitboard, snowmobile or heli, I’ll lighten up the pack to one unit with a small pocket camera to make the day a whole lot easier while having the equipment needed to cover it all.

It’s always cool seeing the varied camera set-ups my colleagues choose to operate given their daily duties and shooting style at a place like Peace Park. These guys are the absolute best in their field(s), a fascinating sight seeing them getting it done and not missing a moment, an honor to work next to the likes of Koniniec, McEntire, Owen, Hamilton, Yant, Adam, Bereska, Sharon, Knox, Bruno and Young.

Have a read over at, there’s some good insight and I kept it very honest about the A7r kit I employ on a regular basis. Thanks for reading! Blotto


Camera: Sony a7r
Lens: 14mm
Camera Details: Small, light weight, durable, easy operation for still image
Camera Quirks: I gaff tape the Mode & Exposure Compensation Dials (top of camera) closed because Sony forgot to put locking dials on top of a so-called professional camera. Without locking dials you have to physically check to make sure you’re still in the shooting mode you’d selected previously, even under the mellowest of shooting conditions, total nonsense to go through a check list before taking a picture. Also, I can get in a round of yoga during the time it takes for this camera to start up, especially after a battery change. Thirdly, you can research what the public thinks about Sony camera batteries for their mirrorless collection, or I can save you some data and tell you they’re junk. Lastly, the crew at Blue Media supplies the vehicle wrap for my camera customization and graphics. The camera feels better in hand without that shiny showroom look.
The two images associated with this blog post are ©nickhamilton

Blotto X Ryan Keeley


I was checking Ryan Keeley’s Instagram today and saw he posted the collaboration piece we put together for TheGoodLife! around this time last year, in part for the Burton Snowboards SIA party. After his reminder I thought back to the annual SnowSports Industries America show where TheGoodLife! teams up with Burton Snowboards to bring the retailers a unique tradeshow experience, highlighted with custom made t-shirts, hoodies and hats using imagery and art from TheGoodLife! collective. It’s a really fun process selecting you artwork, placing it and then heat pressing it down, ten seconds later you have your own one of one (1 / 1) item, good stuff! Blotto



Original chairlift image by Blotto / Art, image manipulation and photos by Ryan Keeley

Manhattan Times


Whether you’re walking, biking or skateboarding through Manhattan, it’s all good, there’s so much to see, do, observe, take part in, photograph, the list goes on and on…here’s a few flicks while skating around SoHo in between taking photos over at the Burton store, along with an image of the Manhattan Bridge from the hotel digs. Next time you’re visiting NYC make sure to stop into the new Burton Flagship Store at 69 Greene St, the place looks amazing and you’re sure to find a couple of sweet items for your quiver. Blotto




All images by Blotto ©deanblottogray/blottophotto2016